MSRx Solar Charge Controllers

The MSRx Range: 60-240A, 2 to 8 arrays, 2 x 25A Loads

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The Micha series of MSRx Charge Controllers is one of the most flexible solar regulator ranges available, giving the end-user the ability to meet the most demanding of specifications. The microprocessor-based control allows both pre-set and customs settings for all regulation values and alarm voltages, which can be readily modified using the alphanumeric LCD screen and keypad. A wide range of options are available, including additional alarm contacts, 4-20mA transducers, RS232/RS485 ports with data-logging and analogue and digital inputs – all of which can be programmed to suit.

  • 3-stage series regulation
  • 4 user-programmable alarm relays
  • Remote battery voltage sensing
  • Battery Temperature Compensation (Remote sensor included)
  • Regulation, Array Switch and Alarm Status LED’s
  • 2 x 25A Load Outputs with configurable disconnect settings
  • Expansion port for optional modules
Downloads:       Datasheet
  Product Manual
  Quick Menu Guide
Options:   Single Relay Module
  Quad Relay Module
  4-20mA Transducers
  Auxiliary Analogue Inputs
  RS232/485 & Datalogging
  USB Commissioning Port
  Communications Software