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Solar Charge Controller with dual 15A array switches and 5A load switch

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The Micha MSR2-30 Charge Controller is a stand-alone solar charge regulator designed for use in industrial applications. It features two Array Inputs rated at 15A each and one Load Output rated at 5A (continuously rated). The unit is designed using well-proven technology and incorporates a 3-stage charging regime. Using remote Battery Voltage Sense connections plus an optional Battery Temperature Sensor, the maximum life and performance from the batteries can be expected. The unit can be supplied with an optional 2-line 16-character LCD display and keypad and when fitted, the end-user is able to view and adjust all regulation settings and alarm set, reset and delay values on site. Four programmable alarm relays with volt-free changeover contact and LED are included. The user is able to set which function activates which alarm relay, including Common Alarm, High Volts, Low Volts, High Temperature, Load Disconnect, Array Failure, Temperature Sense Failure, etc. An optional RS232 port is also available.

  • 3-stage series regulation
  • 4 user-programmable alarm relays
  • Remote battery voltage sensing
  • Battery Temperature Compensation
  • Regulation, Array Switch and Alarm Status LED’s
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