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MPPT Solutions

Micha is developing an MPPT solution which, in conjunction with the Studer VT range of MPPT chargers, provides full control of the system, including multiple loads, programmable alarms, digital inputs and analog outputs.

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Product Description
The MPC-S-01 is a high-level programmable energy management controller, dedicated to industrial off-grid solar systems and utilising Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) technology, and is designed to provide high performance and reliability. It is the first of a new generation of controllers from Micha, and includes many new features, including on-site software upgrades and datalogging via a USB memory stick, plus built-in RS485 and Ethernet connectivity.

System Concept
The MPC-S-01 is the heart of the charge controller and can be used in a range of cabinet layouts, ranging from all-in-one controllers that can include Load switching and Battery power connections that are suitable for smaller systems, to a versatile ‘control and monitoring box’ connected to distributed power elements - typically used for larger installations.

MPC-S-01 Standard Features
Without the need for additional modules, the MPC-S-01 includes the following as standard:

  • 2 x 16 Character LCD Display
  • Rotary Switch for fast and easy setting and selection
  • Dedicated ‘Common Fault’ Indicator plus 5 User-configurable Alarm Indicators
  • Built-in Sounder (use is optional)
  • Automatic System Voltage Sensing
  • Remote Battery Voltage Sensing
  • Remote Battery Temperature Sensing
  • Reference Cell (Pyranometer) Input
  • External Voltage Sense
  • Four User-configurable Shunt Inputs
  • Four Digital Inputs with User-configurable Functions
  • Eight User-configurable VFC Relay Outputs. (At least one is required for any Load switching.)
  • Expansion port allowing additional signalling relay and 4-20mA output modules to be added
  • USB memory Stick for Data Logging and Software Upgrades
  • RS485 and Ethernet Ports with MODBUS connectivity


MPPT Solutions Downloads

Systems: Systems Datasheet (1.6MB)
Modules: Modules Datasheet (868KB)